"A Gastronomical Indulgence"

What happens when seasoned performers Kevin Brooking and Colm O'Grady create a show after 2 years of improvising with 100's of frying pans and a grain of popcorn? The result is "Naked Lunch".

Two gastronomically challenged characters Lloyd and Harold pretend to be French chefs from French France. "C'est Bon!" These culinary wizards are ready with the recipes if they can only figure out how to light the oven.

First on the menu is their invention of probably the world's first "Frying Pan Xylophone". From a flambé of 'Bolero' to a soufflé of 'Star Wars' exquisite music is played upon the finest selection of pots and pans. Food for the ears!
Watch out for an explosive miracle… From a single grain they make enough popcorn to feed a whole audience! Food for thought.
Dessert - The Pandango- an acrobatic hoochie coochie dance for two kings of burlesque and 4 four frying pans. A hilarious feast for the eyes.

Naked Lunch is available for Street Festivals, Cabarets, and Theatres. It is 35 minutes long. Needs a quiet wind free space for outdoors and a minimum 5 x 5 meters of stage area.

Les Hommes à Poêles/Naked Lunch have appeared in the following venues:

Le Plus Grand Cabaret Du Monde, France
Fuji Television Network, Japan
Nacht der Legenden, Hamburg, Germany
Das Supertalent TV Show, Germany
World Star Koryukai, Japanese Television
Sunday Night At the Palladium, ITV, UK
Les Frères Taloshes- Belgium
François Pirette, TV Belgium

“Le Grand Partage” Directed by Alexandra Lecière
“Number One” Directed by Serge Hazanavicius

Circus, Cabaret, and Dinner shows:
Coiffeur Lillian Cabaret: Our World Première!
Palazzo Dinner Theatre Show, Germany 3 seasons
Crazy Horse Saloon, Paris
OhLaLa Circus Zurich, Switzerland
Circus Roncalli Gala with Pep Gardiola, Germany
Circus Price/Crazy Love, Madrid, Spain
And many more…

Events and Festivals:
Taipei Children’s Arts Festival, Taiwan
Les Dauphins Magique, France
'Hôtel Le Grand Cap' Monte Carlo
Glastonbury Festival, UK
Chalons Dans la Rue, France
Daidogei World Cup Festival, Shizuoka, Japan

And many, many, many more…